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Los Nuevos Bajos

Los Nuevos Bajos
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What initiated as a casual conversation about music between Spike and Panamanian musicians Frojax and Potifar, turned into the first step towards the creation of an EP, that would later yield a brand new band, enter Los Nuevos Bajos.
Borrowing from 50's rock n' roll sounds and imagery reminiscent of 1960's Latin American pulp, Los Nuevos Bajos pays tribute to a different era through updated Bolero music, with an electrified Caribbean twist. A sound described by Slawson as "Post Punk from The Jungle."
The project was jump-started by a series of demos recorded by Spike at his San Francisco rehearsal space that he later sent to Frojax and Poti in Panamá to build on. After a month of experimenting in Poti's Panama city studio, the foundation was ready to receive Spike's vocals.
On October 26th, Spike flew to Panamá for nine days to lay down, curate, and complete the recording process. Having completed most of the essential tracks, the three musicians booked a show in Panama City to raise funds to cover expenses associated with the production process. On September 28th, after only three rehearsals Los Nuevos Bajos performed their first show as a band at Panama's El Sótano, in front of a nearly sold-out crowd.

Following an unexpectedly warm reception, the three musicians re-entered the studio to complete the recording process accompanied by an all-star battalion of players associated with legendary acts such as CJ Ramone, Ruben Blades, Prince, Willie Colon and Latin Grammy winners Los Rabanes. What followed was seven days of musical exploration in a smoke-filled studio in the heart of Panama city.
King sized blunts circled the control room during the seemingly never-ending hours of recording, while over ten musicians paraded in and out of the studio to make intuitive contributions to the project. Most of which had never heard any of the music previously.

Recorded by Potifar and produced collectively by the three musicians, the mixing was handled by Panamanian ten-time Grammy-winning audio engineer Ignacio "Nacho" Molino.

Challenging to describe due to its musically diverse Nature, Los Nuevos Bajos is a heartfelt love letter to some of Latin America's forgotten musical idols, that was written in a desolate and dimly lit motel bathroom stall.

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