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Dos Aarones / Los Aarones

Dos Aarones / Los Aarones
Hometown: Stavanger, Norway Current Label: Amp Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Audun Aarone: Guitar/vocals
Pablo Dee: Drums/vocals
Odd Aarone: Bass/vocals

Dos Aarones / Los Aarones Bio:

After a quiet year on the Los Aaronian front, they are back.

Well, almost. Odd Aarone, the handsome and strong bassplayer from the north, got used to not playing in a band and has decided to quit. Los Aarones won`t be Los Aarones without him. But we all still love him.

No problem though: Up from the empty beerbottles and old bubblegum goo rises the even mightier DOS AARONES!
That´s right, Los Aarones are now known as Dos Aarones! Pablo Dee Aarone and his brother Audun Aarone are back, and they are more rocky than Rocky beach. They are better then ever and are sure to make every rock`n`rollclub and party a ... eh ... PARTY! After all, these two hermanos have been playing together for almost 15 years, and maybe they only know three chords, but they sure know them well!

Hola Ho Vamos, Baby!

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