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Lost Locker Combo

Lost Locker Combo
Hometown: New York, New York Current Label: Whoa Oh Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bill Florio
Hallie Bullets
Mike Faloon
Jonnie Whoa Oh
Frank J
ulie Rulz
Joe Bruiser

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Freshman Orientation on I give you lyrics to our newest Thinking Man's HC Song I had a Broken pen and a broken pencil Theres a clean blackboard just waiting to be filled My paints have all dried up tho i have a brush and smock But all I have to write with is some tiny bits of chalk I've chalked this up to nothing, I didnt mean to pun Woman in charge of school supplies something must be done Chalk Woman Chalk Woman can't find a bigger piece Chalk Woman Chalk Woman not in the blackboard crease Chalk Woman Chalk Woman i've run out of supplies Chalk Woman Chalk Woman what else would you advise? She is the woman staples and rubber bands weighs out art supplies liters or kilograms She is the woman and on her door we'll knock She promised us next time she would have some colored chalk Shes has a stranglehold on all of the school staff Learning would come to a halt not to mention arts and crafts

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