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Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats
Hometown: Austin, Texas Current Label: TKO Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Bones DeLarge - Vocals
Marty Volume - Guitar
Jonny O. Negative - Bass
Joey the Kid - Drums

Lower Class Brats Bio:

Unlike most band stories, the story of the LOWER CLASS BRATS did not start out "innocently enough". It was more like a full-blown attack on their local music scene. The war started in January 1995 in Austin, Texas when the BRATS set out to destroy all of the emo, college and garage bands that had some how taken over their city. Many years, countless beers and drug additctions later, the boys are still waging war. Not just in their hometown though, with the help of fans world wide they've set out to take over the planet. In the time that the LOWER CLASS BRATS have been pounding out their own brand of Rock N' Roll Street Noize they have released a fuck-load of CD's, LP's, 12"'s, and 7"'s. Including appearances on several compilations, live DVD's and soundtracks in two different films (nudge, nudge- wink, wink). In the past decade the BRATS have toured the globe. Mexico, Germany, North America, Canada, England, Japan, France and many, many other countries have witnessed the boys in action. And the LOWER CLASS BRATS don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. From their first gig over fourteen years ago, to this day- L.C.B. always steals the show.


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