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By All Means

By All Means
Hometown: South Bay / Los Angeles, California Current Label: Felony Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Craig - Vocals/Guitar
Brandon - Drums/Vocals
Grant - Bass/Vocals

By All Means Bio:

Hailing from the shores of South Bay Los Angeles, a veteran punk rock band is earning new waves of fan support and appreciation for their musicianship and high octane, supercharged live show. The group By All Means has been rocking steady for five years, working their way through subtle member changes and personal self growth. These three high school buddies have evolved into a potent power trio with front man/lead guitarist Craig Petorella, drummer Brandon Anthony, and bassist Grant Woofter. Their sound is punk/pop with a blend of ferocious, high speed rhythm and striking harmony that sets them apart from other punk genre bands on the scene. For years, the South Bay has been a launch pad for cutting edge punk bands like Pennywise and The Descendents. It’s the goal of By All Means to carry the torch for a new generation of punk rock fans and find a new direction for their music. The band has two independent albums to its credit and is convincing crowds their third release, “What You Make Of It”, is its best recording yet. “This album shows the growth of our music and songwriting. We’ve challenged ourselves to become more diverse and keep the energy level high”, says vocalist Craig. The By All Means live show has become THE musical experience that attracts legions of fans, old and new. Rocking out in front of hundreds in packed clubs and halls, Craig riffs furiously on power chords and solos while delivering his strong and confident vocals. Brandon works his drum kit at a jackhammer pace, providing a dynamic range of rhythm changes and tempo shifts. Meantime, Grant attacks the bass and commands the audience with dramatic leaps and energetic stage moves. The chemistry created prompts loyal fans to join in and sing along with their punk rock heroes while holding up lighters and cocktails, screaming out their favorite lyrics. The group has been gigging relentlessly of late to expand its LA fan base as it looks to reach an even wider audience. Will the hottest group on South Bays’ punk scene continue to climb new heights? By All Means they will.

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