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Never Content

Never Content
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales Current Label: Arrest Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Callum Bizimovski: Vocals
Joshua Russell: Drums
Matthew Walsh: Guitar
Joshua Smith: Bass

Never Content Bio:

Never Content, four dudes that loves playing music and hanging out. We spend about 80% of our time together paying out Walshie just because we can, so we do it, this includes on stage. Our singer is a lazy fuck, & contributes the least to the band as he is either playing South Africa 2010 on xbox, or mario kart on Nintendo 64. Our drummer josh is totally whipped but we don't say anything because he earns more than all of us and is buying us all iphone4's for Christmas. Josh/Posh-spice our bassist was smuggled into the country as an English illegal immigrant. He has the most tattoos in the band which theoritically means he bashes cunts. We love all of those who like our music & wish to purchase our CD, & even those that despise our music.

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    Very Nice.

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