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Hometown: Leghorn, Italy Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bill Jama: Vocals
Matìas Reyes: Guitar
Simone Cafarella: Bass
Enrico Butelli: Drums

Nightshame Bio:

Born in Leghorn, Italy, in the winter of 2011, as a simple Ramones cover-band, the band generated by the meeting of Bill Jama (vocals), argentinian-born Matìas E. Reyes (guitar) and Simone Cafarella (bass) whom Enrico Butelli (drums) joined in late 2012 .Nightshame started to write their own tracks and playing live on autumn 2012, releasing a self-producted EP in may 2013. We've been influenced by 70's proto-punk and 80-90's underground heavy post-punk triying to make something new in an old-fashioned way. Our inspiration is mainly The Stooges, but we take cue also from early Turboneger and punk-rock hero GG Allin.

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