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No Fuego

No Fuego
Hometown: Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Remy - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals
Conman - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backup Vocals
Patch - Bass, Backup Vocals, Lead Vocals
Ty Moore - Drums
Moosh - Bag Pipes, Backup Vocals

No Fuego Bio:

In the soul of south Louisiana, lies a band that’s full of heart. Since the early beginnings of 2005, No Fuego has established themselves as a great force in the Baton Rouge music scene, with local shows that formulate a striking vibe in any venue they play in. Remy, Shawn, Greg and Ty present a great fusion of punk rock and then add Marshall and his bagpipes into the mix and this band becomes extraordinary. No Fuego was built on good attitudes, down to earth character but most of all, they just want have a great time playing music. After recording an EP of life, love, growing older, having fun, moving on and the events surrounding Hurricana Katrina, this band is “doing what we know” and “wouldn’t have it any other way”. Close friends and family, and their love of whiskey keeps this band well grounded but also allows them to reach out for much more. The Celtic Society of Louisiana has been a major supporter of the band by providing unconditional loyalty and the most important haven for any band, a practice room. Bringing this culture into the music only adds to the unique sound these guys present. Having a full length out in the spring of 2007 and their 1st label release in January 2008, the band is ready to rock on. They have toured much of the Gulf South and are hoping to see the rest of the country and take over each state, one drink at a time.

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