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No More Analog

No More Analog
Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: jackson dean: guitars and vocals
the captain: bass and vocals
taylor patterson: drums and smiles
joe martin: guitars and sass

No More Analog Bio:

Formed in late 2008, No More Analog combines a love for classic punk and garage music, Southern power pop, and British invasion rock. Guitarist Jackson Dean and drummer Taylor Patterson met while taking classes in the English program at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA. Patterson and bassist Matt “The Captain” Hardeman had been toying with the idea of starting a straight-forward punk band when Dean was invited over to try out on guitar, and the three quickly discovered a mutual love for aggressive, melody driven rock. The band self-released their eponymous debut in the spring of 2009. Although this first effort suffered from a low budget, unpolished production, and a very limited release, it showcased the band’s understanding of the often overlooked importance of melody in songwriting. The album is regularly played on the local college radio show Lest We Forget, a show that, according to DJ Walter “Chip” Rollenhagen, “celebrates college radio's past. Especially the golden years when college radio and the music involved actually made commercial radio take notice in the middle to late eighties.” Many fans have compared No More Analog to 80’s college radio heroes The Replacements and classic pop punk icons The Descendents, and while the band’s sound may nod in either direction at times, their music has an authenticity and attention to song craft that is all their own. After receiving praise from local fans and encouragement from other established local bands like Ninja Gun, No More Analog ventured out of Valdosta for a few short regional tours in South Georgia, Alabama, and Northern Florida, cultivating their fan base and garnering an especially enthusiastic reception in the vital punk music nerve center, Gainesville, Fl. In the summer of 2009 the band brought second guitarist Joe Martin on board and began work writing their next album. So far they have recorded all of their own material and as the budget for equipment has gone up, so has the production quality. Their second release, although not quite pro-studio hi-fi, is definitely a giant leap forward in terms of recording quality

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