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Band Members: Tyler-drums

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Northernmost was founded out of the ashes of several local RI and MA bands- “The Refraction” (Progressive Metal) and “Pathfinder” (Emotional Hardcore). Tyler Bragger (Drums) and Jesse Field (Guitar/Vocals) came together in the winter of 2013/14 simply to “Write music we like, regardless of genre. We had no plans at the time for the music to become an album or anything more than what it was. We were both so tired and frustrated with the band situation that we wanted something no expectations, just free expression,” says guitarist/vocalist Jesse Field about their strange origins. “Eventually, after several songs came together I thought ‘hey, maybe i’ll try singing on some of these,’ and it just clicked. I wasn’t close to where I wanted to be, but the emotion was right and I felt I had a lot to say after recently getting out of a tough relationship, dealing with numerous family pressures,etc. It was perfect timing."

Throughout the early months of the year, as the band was first being formed, Tyler and Jesse began finding members to fill out the line up and continue the writing process. Kayla MacNeil (Formerly of local hardcore band “The Navidson Record”), and Scott Myers (A long time friend of Jesse’s) filled out the guitar slots. After struggling to find a permanent bassist, the band came to friend Alex Coogan to fill in for the long haul, until such a time as a permanent could be established.

Drawing influence from bands currently dominating the scene such as Title Fight and Brand New, Northernmost also cites several lesser known but just as influential bands that have helped them come to their sound. Therefore I Am, Make Do and Mend, Sainthood Reps- as well as local bands that have helped inspire them: Sunlight Alumni (Wilmington, NC), Maker (MA), Aviator (MA), and Native Wildlife (CT) to name only a few.

On May 1st, 2014 Northernmost released their debut self titled full length album on Bandcamp/iTunes/Spotify/Google Play and Amazon. To date, reviews have been impressive for the relatively unknown 5-piece who plan to leave their mark on the music scene in a way that they think has been absent for the part few years. “I remember going to shows eight years ago, and seeing hundreds of kids screaming their lungs out to bands like The Receiving End of Sirens and Therefore I Am in a way that you don’t see anymore,” recalls guitarist and counterpart vocalist Scott Myers. “In Attleboro (MA), people used to rent out Churches, Halls, and VFWs every few weeks for a sold out show, and now you go see all of these bands playing to no one. It’s truly a sad sight. But what bands don’t realize now, is that it is their job to give the fans something to watch. Selling a ticket to a show, is selling an experience, it’s selling part of themselves to the audience. It takes heart, and music has lost a lot of that. But I see that potential everyday to get it back.” A statement which the band seems to take very seriously, considering their dedication to giving fans a piece of themselves in the most honest way they know how. Recently Playing All About Records in Taunton Massachusetts and selling it to capacity as a send off for their first East Coast tour; an 8 date/11 day tour all the way to Virginia and back.

Although the band is still short of the mainstream radar, their determination seems endless, as they continue towards the only thing they can see with their future. “The goal isn’t to get famous- although it would be awesome” says Jesse, “ The goal is to sing these songs, and the next ones, to anyone who will listen, anywhere they will listen. The goal is to have 1 kid anywhere we play who connects with something i’ve created in a way that inspires him to take the mic or sing it back at me. That’s my definition of ‘Making It’.” The band has several releases on the horizon, but none that have been yet announced.


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