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Nothing Pretty

Nothing Pretty
Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: CAM: Vocals
CHARLIE: Guitars/vocals
ZIKO: Bass/vocals
JACK: Drums/vocals

Nothing Pretty Bio:

Nothing Pretty is an aggresive, punch mouth, Old School Punk Band! They have songs that raise the bar for other political bands to start saying something again. We try to get you, the people, to think and act for change. Even with the lighthearted drinking songs and fun pokes at religion, Nothing Pretty will deliever a high energy non stop birage of songs with anthemic chorus' and melodic verses. Nothing Pretty's punk rock continues to prove that punk is not dead! With light shades of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, Stiff little Fingers and the Clash, you will hear songs you can instantly sing along with and relate to. Anyone can find a song from these guys that you'll like. Nothing Pretty was formed in the spring of 2006. Charlie Bat ( Hyper Kinertic Youth, Ball Peen Hernia, Dregs of Youth, Vampire Lezbos, Sledgeback and SLUDGEFUK!!) found Seattle native and punk rock solo artist "Handsome" Hank Chinaski. We started it together with Luke Puke McDoushe and Wi Hung Lo. Luke and Wi wanted to do something different. So we were sent looking for a new rhythm section. We had two friends that had been chomping at the bit to do it for some time! We just brought in J.J. Dy-No-Mite! from The Diablatones and The Insurgents on drums and Jimmy Grundlepants (US NAVY) on bass, bringing him on in Dec 07. The group recorded a 6 song demo in the fall of '06 and another 14 song recording,(Charlie Bat Fucked ashley Judd, that went without being released) in December 06- February 07. The band is Looking to record more in 09 as well as tour more than ever. They want to try and hit 150 shows this year, and hopefully even more for 2010! Looking at recording their fourth recording, the bands new songs are still being worked into the set, and these songs promice to be the best yet! With all the songs they have to work with they may be forced to release a double cd?? What ever it is, you will be guaranteed to get best punk rock you can find today! Also look out you may see them on a couple of compilations this year.

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