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Hometown: Orange County, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lance Hendren - Vocals/Guitar
NikBob - Bass
Vince - Drums
Justin - Lead Guitarist

OCA Bio:

OCA is a punk rock band out of Orange County. Lance (Lead Vocals) had OCA up and running in the 90's with his brother Mitch playing drums. They went threw a few bass players and Lance put an add out; INFLUENCES- Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, THE RAMONES and Rancid. In 2000 a young skinny"er" NikBob answered the call... He brought with him a Squier Fender bass, a big ass pompador, and a few stupid Tattoo's. NikBobs first punk band Premium had just broke up and NB was not done playing music. Lance, Mitch and Nikbob played for a few months in that line up, when Mitch said "so long guys" I'm moving to Vegas... Nikbob knew of a drummer at the warehouse he was then working at... His name was still is "Vincent" - Vince joined the group after his band testy fell apart and fit in like just like a broken cymbal in a hard hitting band.. The new "OCA" was born!!! The three would go on playing when and anywhere they could from local small pubs to The House of Blues to your neighbors backyard... Along the years they played with some great lead guitarist Tyler B. Good, Jason No Balls P., and Justin "The Punk" We are always looking for a good party or show to play, so if you're in the market for a band we just might be your guys. Also please take a minute or three to listen to some of our songs, every song has a bit different style then the next.

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