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One Win Choice

One Win Choice
Hometown: TOMS RIVER, New Jersey Current Label: Jump Start Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dan
Roadie Rob
Forever Family: Jon, Jack.

One Win Choice Bio:

Over the course of the time that One Win Choice has been a band there has always been a firm goal of creating genuine, honest music, infused with an energetic aggression to deliver a positive powerful message. Set firmly in the traditions of DIY, the band has have been playing together, booking shows, recording releases, and folding inserts for years.

After releasing their debut full length, Never Suspend Disbelief in October of 2007, the band has toured consistently, playing hundreds of shows and spending as much time on the road as they have at home.

In 2008, the band was faced with two member changes. The first being the loss of founding member, drummer and brother of vocalist Dan Kloza, Jon; due to his inability to travel. The shoes were filled by Justin Phillips, bringing a new cohesion and dynamic to the band. The second loss came just prior to the band's fall tours, with the departure of second guitarist Jack Fusco, who joined Newark, DE's The Casting Out. After filling in on two tours, the role of second guitar was taken up by the band's mutual friend Mike Elias in December of 2008.

Although the strains of member losses were trying, 2008 also saw the band travelling more than ever, touring with both new and old friends, playing shows with some of punk rock's most influential acts, and appearing at both This Is Hardcore 2008 in Philadelphia and the Fest 7 in Gainesville, FL.

Set to release February 17th, 2009 is their newest record, a 5-song E.P., titled Define Redefine. The E.P. was recorded in Tinton Falls, NJ by Mike Rummel at Below Sea Level and is definitely a more diverse offering of punk and hardcore than anything the band has previously written. The new recordings display a mixture of high energy, melody, varied tempos, and a generous amount of chaotic spirit; all blended with a more personal take on the strenuous challenges we are faced with in both our social and political lives.

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