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Hometown: Los angeles/England/Las Vegas, California Current Label: Hellcat Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Joe Dexter - Lead Bass/Lead Vocals
Brendan Minded - Lead Guitar
Perry Ladish - Lead Rythm Guitar
Zak Glosserman - Lead Drums

Orange Bio:

In a city soiled with delusion and broken dreams, it's not often a band comes along offering a sense of hope and escape. Lucky for us, LA based punks ORANGE have emerged once again brandishing their signature style of brazen rock that offers an honest interpretation of life and love in the big city. The group transcends past efforts with a new approach and matured experience for the infectiously searing album Escape From L.A.

Comprised of childhood friends Joe Dexter (Vocals, Bass) and Jack Berglund (Guitars) along with Jon DeRing (Guitars) and Zak Glosserman (Drums), ORANGE was forged in 2002. Influenced by a vast array of bands including the Sex Pistols and Social Distortion among others, the group spent the next few years carefully crafting their own unique style of energetic and playful punk'n'roll. In 2004 the band surfaced to play local shows and record a demo. After playing a residency at the LA hotspot The Key Club, Orange caught the ear of Operation Ivy/Rancid mastermind Tim Armstrong, who signed them to his Hellcat label soon after. In 2005 ORANGE released their debut album, Welcome To The World of ..., which was critically acclaimed and widely accepted within the punk community.

Orange diligently toured the country over the next several years building a strong fanbase and sharing the stage with bands such legendary bands as The Adicts, Misfits, Agent Orange, Rancid, Nekromantix and Time Again. Armed with a solid repertoire of new songs they had written on the road, the band entered the studio once again to lay down a new record. With more experience under their belt and a heightened sense of who they were the group confidently recorded the album in under two weeks. When the guys needed inspiration, all they had to do was look in their backyard.

"I look at LA as being one huge insane asylum, filled with lunatics. Liars, cheats, backstabbers, psychos and pornstars!" declares Dexter. "I do love living here and there are a lot of amazing people here, but it does seem to me like a lot of America's dirt and debris washes up onto LA's streets (don�¹t mind the pornstars tho). So on this album I thought it would be cool to capture the essence of what its like to live in LA. We decided to escape from it using our music. Hence Escape from L.A."

Escape From L.A. brilliantly bridges the gap between pop-punk and rock with its blend of upbeat brash sensibility and addictive anthemic sing-alongs. Orange captures the spirit of youth and urgency with the candid driving riffs of "What I'm Looking For", "Stars", "Not Coming Home" and on their abrasively raw cover of "Karma Chameleon."

"We put our heart and soul in to every note on this record, its not the kind of whine-o pop punk were all used to, it's got something special. There's a lot more songs on here too that I think people can relate to compared to the first album. The whole first record was based around the concept of possitivity and a better tomorrow. This one I think is a little more realistic but still there is a huge message of hope in every song."

One thing is for sure when it comes to Orange, you can always count on the band's sincerity, whether they're shredding on stage or in the studio the band's overall message is the same; be inspired to follow your dreams.

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