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Hometown: Washington DC Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lynn Dials-Vox/Guitar
Rob Cooper-Drums/Vox

Pharmacists Bio:

Pharmacists are a 3 piece punk/hardcore band from the Washington, DC / N. Virginia area.

The band is fairly new but it’s members have been around in other outfits. Most noteworthy, The Splints, which vocalist and guitarist Lynn Dials fronted with drummer Robert Cooper.

The Splints recorded with Steve Albini (Stooges, Pixies, Helmet) , and released two albums on Lightning Rock Records. Afterwards...Lynn and Robert stuck together and formed Pharmacists with bassist Dez.

The band got off to a great start having played a slew of shows. Including Grog Fest, which hosted several amazing punk bands including Iron Cross, Daycare Swindlers, Common Enemy, Walk the Plank, Copstabber and newly reformed Immoral Discipline. They've also played with legends The Misfits as well as Juicehead, Shot Baker and John Stabb of Government Issue in his new band History Repeated. More recently, the band shared the stage with thrash kings D.R.I.

With a growing fan base, an exciting, energetic sound and no bullshit attitude, you can expect Pharmacists to leave their mark on punk rock.

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