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Plastic Bastard

Plastic Bastard
Hometown: Regina, Canada Current Label: Amp Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: marlin marynick-vocals, guitar
rod pisula-drums
lowell holliday-bass machine

Plastic Bastard Bio:

Canada's Plastic Bastard set back the clock on their rocking AMP Records debut. Taking their cue from '77 style rock n' punk, this would stand alongside the Dead Boys, the Stooges and the like. Honest, straight up punk rock with lots of hooks and a driving energy. Raw vocals, melodic guitar playing and super solid performance and production capture these songs perfectly. Plastic Bastard are here to remind you that there was punk rock before Green Day, before hardcore and before you were born! Desperate, bloody-lipped narco-punk from these Canuck Dead Boys/Forgotten Rebels disciples. that lonely, ragged, late 70s vibe permeates these cold-hearted tracks like wind whipping in a dark alley. Theyve got a song about Alice Cooper, called (natch) Alice Cooper, that sounds like Lords of the New Church churning out rainy 80s Satan metal, a great, catchy, Roky Erickson-esque garage rocker called Demons, and a greasy, thudding, hell-rock closer, Slymie, among other notable bursts of punky blood n guts. Not a happy moment on this un, but if yer looking for darkness at the edge of town, look no further then Across the Street from Me. The PB are absolutely as rockin as a Canadian power trio with one dude named Lowell and one dude named Marlin in the band can possibly get.

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