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Radio Brigade

Radio Brigade
Hometown: Sweden Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Marten Cedergran-vox
Erik Hultbad-guitar
Per Ingmarsson-bass

Radio Brigade Bio:

In spring of 2003 I did my last show with my band Bombshell Rocks. I felt most of my dreams had already come true, and I had a hard time gaining the spirit needed to continue playing. The energy just wasn’t there. Also I didn’t want to be the one slowing things down. So I did what was best for everyone, I quit the band. At the same time, I got the chance to learn the noble art of tattooing. Waterproof tattoos in my new hometown of Orebro became my new home. A couple of years past by and I started feeling the need of playing music again. It’s so much more than just music. I missed going to the rehearsal room, just having fun playing punkrock. During the last tour I did with BSR I got to know Johan Sandstr..m who plays the drums for The Peepshows. As I had some songs already written we decided to start a band together. Singer and drummer....a good start, but hardly a band. The hunt started for a guitarist, and a bassplayer. A hunt that ended up taking some time. (I admit… we were a bit lazy) Fast forward two years. In late 2006 we finally had a band. Erik Hultblad joined on guitar, and later on we also found a bassplayer. A guy called Per Ingmarsson. Just in time for the first recording the lineup was completed by a second guitarist. Olle S..derberg now delivers that last bit of punch. This is just the start....

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