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Raised By Apes

Raised By Apes
Hometown: Vancouver BC Canada, British Columbia Current Label: Felony Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Dr. Killigan- Lead VOX
Gang-green Santiago-Bass, Back VOX
ADRIAN- guitar/VOX
Mickey Snowpants-Guitar/vox

Raised By Apes Bio:

From the rainforest of beautiful British columbia comes raised by apes, sometimes seen in the urban jungles around hastings and main in vancouver, these primates have been known to be extremely ferocious when it comes to punk rawk. Primarily surviving off of scotch, cigarettes and cheap beer from the Cobalt. They come down from their shaded canopies in the trees whenever the seasons are right, to destroy stages around the lower mainland and beyond. Kiiligan has slipped out of the rainforest and has recently been spotted in the mojave desert hunting for the place to unleash the rest of the ape tribe. Not an easily convinced tribe though and the mojave proved to be to dry of a climate for an invasion of the rainforest dwellers, look in the rain soaked climates of BC for the further adventures of the tribe.

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