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Hometown: Vienna, Austria Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Georgij Makazaria - vocals
Dimitrij Miller - bass
Engel Mayr - guitar
Mia Nova -violin
Rainer Gutternigg - trumpet
H-G. Gutternigg - potete
Mario Stübler - drums

Russkaja Bio:

Russkaja is the exact opposite of Easy Listening music, Russkaja - terror of terrors of all Russian folk music societies - stands for fat Austrian Polka beats. The group members are the most illustrious musicians of the Alpine region, who possess a colourful mix of cultural backgrounds. They pour these various cultural influences into a postmodern version of Russian folk and spread their distinctive music all over Europe. It is sweaty and shouts out loud: Dance Dance Dance! It is a clash of trash metal, world jazz, funky stuff and Frank Zappa-esque Rock. All these things signify: Get down to business!

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