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Hometown: San Francisco, California Current Label: Felony Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Eric Kamm - Drums
Nino De La Rosa - Vocals
Whitney Baron - Guitar / Vocals
Matt Howell/Toño Ramirez/Justin Ward/Ben Blumgart - Bass

Setoff Bio:

Over the past four years while contemplating their band’s worthless existence, Setoff has opened for Lagwagon, Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, The Lawrence Arms, Strike Anywhere, The Force, In The Red, Murphy’s Law, Love Equals Death, and Landmines, played sections of the Warped Tour twice, recorded three records with legendary punk producer Andy “Andro” Ernst (Green Day/AFI), toured the West Coast countless times, toured the entire United States twice (Summer '08 and Spring '09), and did the hibbity-dibbity with your mother (hard) on several non-consecutive occasions. She liked it.

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