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Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes
Hometown: NYC, NY Current Label: Blank Face Records
Band Members: Azeem (aka "Ace")

Skinny Genes Bio:

Oh, hey. I'm Azeem. Some people know me as Ace, though most of these "some people" refer to me as "that other guy" from House Boat that isn't Mikey Erg or Zack and/or "that other girl" from The Steinways that isn't Michelle Shirelle. Even weirder is that sometimes a fraction of most of some of these people refer to me as the handsome and exotic Chris Johnson (of Turkletons/Strait A's/Punchlines-fame.)*

I write songs sometimes and I ALSO play instruments. Crazy, right?! Since I have a quota of zero songs in my boss Grath Madden's bands (which turns out to be 1 or 2 songs after a bunch of strong-arming and whining), I found myself in a quandary: a bunch of songs and no bands to play them with! My mom suggested I pretend to be a band and go record the songs myself. So, I did that. Thanks, Mom! It was pretty crazy playing everything all at once, you guys! Boy are MY ARMS TIRED!!!

*Only Chris Johnson has ever referred to me as the handsome and exotic Chris Johnson.

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