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Skull Drug

Skull Drug
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Evan Williams - Guitar/Vocals
Justin "The Hoon" Waldrop - Guitar/Vocals
Butch Giles - Bass/Vocals
Wyatt Clark - Drums

Skull Drug Bio:

Skull Drug hails from Phoenix, Az with a completely unique blend of punk and metal that walks a fine line between both genres. With extremely high energy live, catchy choruses, syncopated rhythms, and melodic guitar work, they have created something that truly stands on it's own. Their concept is simple... Don't believe everything you hear, see, and read. Question Authority. Set your own pace. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

SkullDrug was formed in November 2010 after Evan, Jimmy, and Wyatt played separately on some of Butch's solo work and realized that they had a strong musical connection. After the recording of their well received "Sensory Overload" EP in late 2011, Jimmy relocated to Hawaii and Justin "The Hoon" Waldrop stepped into the band. In June of 2013 the band independently released their self-titled full length album. 2014 is set to be a landmark year for this explosive act, both live and in the studio. Are you ready for it?!

Skull Drug has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Agent Orange, Against the Grain, Authority Zero, Dead Kennedy's, D.I., Green Jell├┐, Guilty by Association, Lost Soul (Jack Grisham,T.S.O.L.), Naked Aggression, The Grim, The Subhumans, and many more.

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