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Slang For Drunk

Slang For Drunk
Hometown: Pordenone Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Facca - Vocals
GG - Guitar / Vocals
Sbando - Guitar
Sturmo - Bass Guitar
Marci - Drums / Bg. Vocals

Slang For Drunk Bio:

Slang for Drunk was born in Italy after the meeting between Sbando, Captain Facca and Truant in 2006. During the following year the band changes several line-ups till the arrival, in summer 2007, of Snoopy on drums and G.G on guitar. This one seems to be immediately the right formation due to the harmony and friendship that rises between the quintet; in fact it’s also the current one.

They play a mix of punk ‘77 and rock and roll, enriched with some garage influences and a kind of modern guitar melody lines, detail that combined with a strong and raw voice and a great passion and pride they put on their music, make them a band quite different from the traditional scene.

People who see them on stage find a real show full of energy and always on the go, always accompanied with the craziest stage presence as they can.

During these years they shared the stage with bands such as SWINGIN’ UTTERS, U.S. BOMBS, The Derellas, Dun2Def, Reno Divorce, Los Fastidios, Smart Cops, Gonzales, Cattive Abitudini, Anarcotici and so on, and they also took part in a documentary about the city they are from: Pordenone.

In summer 2009 they succeeded in recording their first self-produced EP named “Slang for Drunk - 2009”, containing 4 tracks, whereof the last one of them is a variation of a previous recording dated 2007.

In early 2011 they entered the studio "Peppino Impastato/Artesonika" in Pordenone to record their first full lenght, which will be ready soon..really soon...

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