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Smoke Or Fire

Smoke Or Fire
Hometown: Boston, Portland Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joe - Vocals & Guitar
Jeremy - Guitar
Ken - Bass
Dave - Drums

Smoke Or Fire Bio:

Smoke or Fire is back after a tour of the world, a lineup change and months spent working on their sophomore full-length, This Sinking Ship. The band has always kept their fans alert over the years, but things are more concrete than ever for Smoke or Fire and their sound remains true. Clearly influenced by predecessors like Hot Water Music and Avail, these young upstarts also blend in some additional elements of Americana with their hints of The Replacements and Springsteen. And it started like this…

Smoke or Fire was formed in 1998 while the brainy punks were still attending college in Massachusetts. The long-time pals teamed up originally under the name Jericho and played basements throughout the Northeast. It wasn’t long after graduation that they tired of Boston’s high cost of living and migrated south to Richmond, Virginia. It was here, tucked beneath the Mason-Dixon line, that the band could not only live affordably and work on their songs, but also be a part of a vibrant musical community that boasts a storied punk rock past and presently teeming with talent. After playing shows and perfecting their songs the band was plucked outta RVA by Fat Wreck Chords just in time to release their debut, 2005’s Above The City.

That album made quite a mark for the young band and the lads went on to tour with Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms, The Casualties, Anti-Flag, and more. It bears mentioning that these guys did the entire 2005 Fat Tour. Why is that special? Because it went to ALL 50 STATES, that’s why! Yep, a three-month sojourn with Against Me! that took them to the likes of Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware…Wyoming…all of ‘em! After a bit of rest and much deliberation, the band was ready to track some new material and decided that Matt Allison at Atlas Studios (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, The Methadones, etc.) would be the best fit for their next LP.

Prior to entering the studio for their sophomore release, the band underwent a member change as long-time drummer Nick exited the group. Right away they knew Dave Atchison was the man for the job. Formerly of the Jade Tree crust-punk-thrash band, From Ashes Rise, Dave’s percussive talents are heralded throughout the scene and should only strengthen Smoke or Fire’s already-booming rock assault. With a new record in the can and some shows under their belt with the new lineup, Smoke or Fire is ready to share This Sinking Ship with the rest of the world.

The second full-length is always make-or-break for a band, but Smoke or Fire come correct and have stacked the deck. This Sinking Ship boasts a better performance and bears the band’s finest production. Subsequent touring goes without saying. This band is gonna play ‘til they drop and they’ll have their new lineup and new songs on display at a club near you!


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  2. townshiprebellion
    TownshipRebellion5/24/2013 8:43 AM | Permalink

    These guys are awesome

  3. townshiprebellion
    TownshipRebellion5/24/2013 8:45 AM | Permalink

    These guys are awesome, theyre something youd listen to if you wanna break something, but have some grace whilst doing so

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