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Stay Home

Stay Home
Hometown: London, Ontario Current Label: My Fingers! My Brain! Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dustin Andrews - Guitar/Vocals
Paul Budel - Guitar Vocals
AL-B - Bass
Travis Sharrow - Drums

Stay Home Bio:

The nice thing about getting old and ugly is that you stop caring about what the younger, good-looking kids are into. Their auto-tune, bright colours and synths start seeming inconsequential as the need to adapt to ever-evolving conventions wears thin. To view them as competition seems inadequate, as their (once our) scene becomes a novelty, another aspect of the mainstream that keeps rushing by.

Stay Home are four guys from London, ON, doing what they love to do. Driven by a purpose that seeks to do no more than satisfy creative urges, Stay Home create music out of 30-plus years of punk rock heritage, adapting the sounds, themes and ideologies that saw them through adolescence and into adulthood. There is no compromise for radio-play, no debate over marketing, no decisions beyond achieving the goal of fulfilling each members desire to play in the best band they can. And if other people can get into it, all the better.

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