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Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere
Hometown: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Current Label: Bridge Nine Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: garth petrie,
matt smith,
mark miller,
matthew sherwood,
eric kane,
thomas barnett,
and last but not least... josh barker... who makes it all happen... yup

Strike Anywhere Bio:

In 1999, five guys got together in richmond, viriginia, to form strike anywhere. seven short years later the same five guys still form strike anywhere on stages all over the world about 6 months out of any given year - the rest of the time we indulge in relaxing at home, loving our loved ones, and the odd job. this band has recorded three full-length recordings with brian mcternan: two on jade tree records and one upcoming on Fat Wreck Chords called Dead FM. Our newest CD will see the world on september 5, 2006. expect to see us everywhere on Earth after that date, because that's where we'll be, seeing you. P.S.... Sherwood stopped playing shows with us, but he's always with us in spirit... and now Mark Miller is playing guitar... and he's very handsome.


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  4. ryanpowell1/4/2016 6:03 AM | Permalink

    its very nice.

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    Really effective

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    Really nice song.

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    I am your biggest fan

  9. Strike Anywhere announce European tour & east coast shows5/18/2016 3:13 PM | Permalink

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    love this

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    i appreciate your music

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    This is amazing

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    Its great.

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    too good.

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    Good Job

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    Just Amazing

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    Well Done

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    I love this work

  27. Strike Anywhere announce 2017 European tour with Petrol Girls & Bear Trade11/30/2016 5:03 PM | Permalink

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    Keep It Up!

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