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Teen Idols

Teen Idols
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Current Label: Fueled By Ramen Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Phillip Hill - guitar
Keith Witt - vocals
Nathan Bice - drums
Jemima Kate - bass

Teen Idols Bio:

Teen Idols was formed in Nashville, TN in 1992 by guitarist Phillip Hill and singer Matt Benson. The band quickly gained local popularity while playing at local venues such as Lucy's Record Shop and receiving frequent airplay on Nashville college radio. During the mid-90s, dispite numerous line-up changes, they released several EPs under the local indie label, House O' Pain Records. In 1996, the Nashville Music Association nominated the band for their Independent Artist of the Year award. A year later, Teen Idols released their first full-length album under the indie label Honest Don's - a subsidiary of Fat Wreck Chords. They released two other albums under the Honest Don's label before signing to Fueled by Ramen in early 2003. Around that time, singer Keith Witt left the band and Kevin Seirzega (formerly of Detroit-based P.T.'s Revenge) took over the vocals. Shortly thereafter, the band released the album Nothing to Prove in July, 2003, but broke up during the subsequent tour. After a 5 1/2 year absence, and the relocation of both Phillip Hill and Keith Witt to Chicago, IL, Teen Idols decided to reform with ex-Idols vocalist, Keith back on the microphone. With the addition of a powerhouse new rhythm section featuring Nathan Bice (Even In Blackouts / Deadly Sins) on drums and Jemima Kate (Zebedee) on bass, Teen Idols are ready to play their brand of 50's influenced pop punk once again!


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