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Texas Terri Bomb

Texas Terri Bomb
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Current Label: People Like You Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Texas Terri (vocals)
Highko Strom (guitar)
Beano (bass)
Marina Maniac (drums)

Texas Terri Bomb Bio:

Texas Terri hails from Austin, TX but relocated to Hollywood, CA in 1984. Texas Terri moved to Berlin on March 1, 2007 and plans to live in Berlin forever more.

She has toured the U. S. and Europe and has songs/roles in several movies. Texas Terri's street credibility puts her miles above others. She has earned her title as "underground legend" in the punk rock & roll world and it shows in her songs and her stage presence. Her voice and persona has a tough girl attitude and sex kitten charisma (and evey emotion in between) she will steal your heart away and you will not want her to give it back! Always fresh and full of spontaneity with that early NYC/CBGB's edge. She has been compared to the likes of Iggy Pop, Lux Interior, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Wendy O. Williams, Joan Jett, etc, not bad, eh? Yet she still has the magnatude of holding her own in this world of pre-fab music, why settle, aren't you hungry for more? Let the Rock & Roll run through your veins! Get some, and get it now!

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