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The Badnotes

The Badnotes
Hometown: Austin, Texes Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
Band Members: ?

The Badnotes Bio:

Nate surfed into austin on a tsunami and landed on a set of vintage 60's sonor drums,which he basically plays as if his hands were on fire. Blake escaped from the primate's cage at the Brownsville zoo and hitched a ride inside an elephants ass up highway 77 through the drug checkpoint, eventually making his way to austin. Watson was a bum who lived behind a local club in their dumpster. One night the original bassist was a no show so we asked the dumpster tenant if he wanted to play some songs in exchange for a slim jim. ...."where the fuck do i sign....." He said. The "apathetic" Badnotes are now available for your listening pleasure.

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