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The Grolschbusters

The Grolschbusters
Hometown: Gelderland, The Netherlands Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Edwin Stege - bass
Frank Arendsen - guitarist
Dennie Jolink - accordion
Nils Lenting - vocals
Pim Beimer - guitarist + backing vocals
Herbert Jolink - drums + backing vocals

The Grolschbusters Bio:

Dutch punk rock band The Grolschbusters was founded in 1989 in the Dutch village of Hengelo and is the oldest surviving punk band from the east of the country. Initially, the repertoire consisted largely of work of The Ramones. Within a short time the band managed to build a considerable reputation for themselves, not necessarily because of their musical qualities.

The Grolschbusters recorded 5 studio albums and several singles to date. A single was released to celebrate the marriage of Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima which was played on the national radio, but only at night. The single for football team De Graafschap was downloaded thousands of times but immediately got banned from the stadium. The most recent album "Make My Day" was released in 2011 and is both loathed and loved.

In the meantime the band played big Dutch venues including the Melkweg, Tivoli, Geuzenpop, Paaspop and Huntenpop. Doing so the band supported acts like Bad Religion, Marky Ramone, De Heideroosjes, UK Subs and The Real McKenzies, to name a few. Internationally the band did not go unnoticed thanks to a Spanish tour amongst others.

Over the years the band survived a fair deal of line-up changes and developed their own 'Premium Punk' sound: an infectious mix of punk and brute rock'n'roll with a dash of folk. The Grolschbusters are rude, raw, tight and melodic. Fat punk rock straight from the heart, for nearly 25 years.

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