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The Hanging Judge

The Hanging Judge
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Current Label: Crowd Control Media Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Richard - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Austin - Guitar
Jeremy - Bass
Justin - Drums

The Hanging Judge Bio:

THE HANGING JUDGE is a punk rock band from Atlanta, GA. Catchy melodies, gritty, melodic vocals, sing along choruses - the Hanging Judge is a melodic powerhouse crossing the threshold of multiple subgenres of punk rock. Bassist Cheeto Mayhem of THE QUEERS is the guitarist of THE HANGING JUDGE and writes catchy melodic riffs effortlessly blending genres to create a unique style as if SCREECHING WEASEL, THE QUEERS, OXYMORON, THE BUSINESS and SWINGIN' UTTERS were put into a blender. Richard Henderson, who also is the guitarist for Atlanta band ANTAGONIZERS ATL hands off the guitar and is the lead vocalist. Richard sings in a gravely yet melodic style and writes powerful sing along choruses and verses. Bassist Jeremy Paul is the former guitarist of North Carolina Oi! band PATRIOT and presents steady, dynamic bass lines that compliment the music. Rhythm guitarist Austin Lawhead's driving Marshall tone keep it all together, while drummer Justin "Tambo" Hall, who joined the band, came from a totally different background and brings a unique element. THE HANGING JUDGE put out their debut vinyl 7" EP "Hang Em' High" on Crowd Control Media in 2017. To date The Hanging Judge has been writing and recording for a debut album and playing shows. They have played Midwest Live and Loud in Chicago and have gigged regionally around the southeast opening for bands like GBH, US BOMBS, THE QUEERS. THE VIBRATORS, THE TEMPLARS and more.

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