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The Locust

The Locust
Hometown: San Diego, CA Current Label: ANTI- Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Justin Pearson
Gabe Serbian
Bobby Bray
Joey Karam

The Locust Bio:

The Locust is a musical group from San Diego, California, United States known for their unique mix of grindcore speed and aggression, complexity, and new wave weirdness.
Originally a powerviolence band with a strong tendency towards synth-based passages, they have more recently stripped down much of their past sound, but retained the heavy distortion, synthesizers, screamed vocals, and intense stage presence. On the band's unique sound and live presentations, singer/bassist Justin Pearson has said, "I wanted to change the way people perceive music, or maybe just destroy it in general." Their music is complex, dynamic and fast-paced, often featuring abrupt and inconsistent time-signature changes. These erratic elements are, according to guitarist Bobby Bray, "a reflection of perhaps how our brains have to function in order to be able to do anything in the Western societies we live in."
The Locust was formed in 1994 by Justin Pearson, Bobby Bray, Dylan Scharf, Dave Warshaw, and Dave Astor. After a number of personnel changes, they arrived at the current four-piece lineup in 2001.

Their music was featured in John Waters' film Cecil B. Demented.

The group has also solicited remixes from Bastard Noise, Christoph de Babalon, Kid606, and I Am Spoonbender.

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