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The Adorkables

The Adorkables
Hometown: Salinas, California Current Label: Insubordination Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Eric - Bass/Vocals
Patrick - Guitar
Jason - Guitar
Adam - Drums

The Adorkables Bio:

The Adorkables not only stick to the style laid down by the forefathers of punk, but with their catchy, hook laden songs write their own unique chapter in pop-punk history. In early 2005 Eric decided to launch a band whose style was similar to the pop-punk bands he enjoyed listening to. With Eric on bass and vocals, Jason and Chris on guitars and Adam on drums, The Adorkables offer a fresh, unaffected take on a style of music which some say has become stagnant. Instead of merely attempting to imitate their predecessors, The Adorkables metabolize them, producing their own songs and remaining true to their own distinct style; and people seem to like it.

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