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The Bastard Suns

The Bastard Suns
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Clay - Vocals
Levon - Bass
Wes "Platinum" - Lead Guitar
Kevin - Rhythm Guitar
Jay 'JT' Tea - Drums

The Bastard Suns Bio:

If Sublime and The Drop Kick Murphys had children, they would be Bastard Suns.

The Bastard Suns are a high energy five-piece group from Atlanta, Georgia who perform original music comprised mostly of reggae-infused punk rock, often mixed with Irish drinking music. Over the past three years The Suns have released 2 independent full length albums and a split CD under label - Unable Records. The Suns actively tour Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky & Tennessee.

2009 marked the release of the group’s third album, “Here Come The Suns”. The album was released on record label, Something Done Right (SDR) Records, owned by The Bastard Suns. Following the release of the album the Suns have toured regularly throughout the Southeastern United States ever expanding their fan base. Plans for the rest of 2009 include a national tour from East to West coast and expanding regular tour routes.

The Suns headlined the 2008 Atlantis Music Festival showcase in which they have participated since 2006. Also in 2008, The Bastard Suns’ music was featured on Atlanta’s Project 96.1FM “Project Homegrown” show twice and the band was featured in Athens, Georgia’s Blur magazine. The Suns were selected to perform in the Florida Music Festival, 500 Songs for Kids benefit, the Eco Music Festival & the Soco Music Experience.


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