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The Blasted Heath

The Blasted Heath
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dave Bell, Chris Farrer, Ben Fishlock, Ben Thomson

The Blasted Heath Bio:

The Blasted Heath are a progressive post punk/metal outfit (in the most broad of terms) who reside in a distant cosmic nebula; Brisbane, Australia. The band is new but the members come in old, used bodies...

It's punk in ethos, fun as metal, stupid as pop and
don't-know-when-to-dance as jazz. As a wise lady once said..."Can you imagine if Chet Atkins and Vera Lynn dropped acid and made music together with Celtic Frost after climbing Smoky Mountain? Well it would be consequently mind blowing to the ends of the universe but sound nothing like The Blasted Heath."

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