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The Bollox

The Bollox
Hometown: TEMPE, Arizona Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Keith Walker
Jason DeVore
Greg McLarty
Brad Park

The Bollox Bio:

The Bollox started in the Fall of 2007. Founded by Jason DeVore and Keith Walker, the two friends came together with a vision of playing music that spoke from the heart, got the blood boiling and kept good times rolling. Both had the love for Irish/Folk Celtic music, and with Walker being a native of Dublin, Ireland and DeVore's passion for Irish Pub music as well, there seemed to be only one thing to do...start writing tunes about just that. Starting out with nothing more than a couple acoustic guitars and an 8 pack of Murphy's, DeVore and Walker began to jam. Writing songs of good times, bad times, struggles and triumph's, irish history and Pub crawls, the two instantly became fired up with the ease in which the songs were coming. They then decided to recruit members to form a full group. Bringing in childhood friend Jason "Saddy" Combs on bass, and old friend Brad Park on drums, the four began to jam. Shortly thereafter they recruited yet another old time friend, one Greg McLarty, to play the electric guitar for what today has brought the 5 of them to date to be...THE BOLLOX.


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