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The Brat Attack

The Brat Attack
Hometown: Winnipeg/St John's Newfieland, Manitoba Current Label: Rebel Time Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Stitchez- guitar/vocals
The Hammer- bass
Fergalicious- drums
Dirt- Guitar

The Brat Attack Bio:

We are a political activist band from Winnipeg Canada. We are a collective of people striving to create positive change through our music. We do not agree on everything, but believe that we should come together as one in the struggle of fighting injustice. We believe that unity is key in making shit work, leave the elitism at the door, anarchists work with commies, PC kids with socialists, militant anti racists with pacifists. You get the picture. We are sick and tired of a divided left. We are sick of the elitist attitudes that plague the so-called activist circles. In this time, the global powers that control profit are spiraling out of control and becoming more and more power hungry. Making the struggle to end capitalist imperialism ever so more difficult. The last 5 years have seen more leaps and bounds in burn and pillage ethics of extreme capitalism. Doing the same amount of damage to unions, the environment, workers rights that occurred in the previous 20. But not with out resistance, in 1999 we saw the first real win in the battle of Seattle. We can win and we will continue to do so. These mother fuckers cant silence all of us, especially when we yell as one. Lets burn the S.U.V.s in a sign of liberation! ..


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