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The Cheats

The Cheats
Hometown: PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Current Label: Screaming Crow Records & PR Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Eric Allcock- lead gutiar
Duke Wyoming-lead voc
Tito Fishmacher-bass
Aaron Allcock-drums

The Cheats Bio:

THE CHEATS formed in the winter of 2001 in Pittsburgh P.A. They came together out of necessity.They decided to create the kind of band the city was lacking the kind they wanted to see on the weekend,but didn't seem to exist. THE CHEATS are an old fashioned,late 70's style punk rock and roll band,what a concept! It might work.

The band consists of 3 veterans of the Pittsburgh underground, Todd Porter on vocals, Steve depasquale on bass and Angelo Armantea on drums. Todd and Steve most recently have logged many miles (literally) and released two full length cds, numerous 7 inch singles and countless compilation appearances as part of SILVER TONGUED DEVIL which has enjoyed success in the states as well as Europe. Angelo put in 6 years with THE ULTIMATICS, a band that also caused a bit of a stir nationally and recorded two full-lengths that did well locally and otherwise. The three have been in too many projects to list and lets say they've paid dues for 1001 teenage blue hairs to come. Also in the ranks are guitarists Bob Fulmer who's workethic and song writing skills play a high part in the bands sound,rounding out the lineup is Houston(we have a problem) McIntyre spitting out some ditty's of his own.

THE CHEATS sound is pure punk rock and roll, built for drinking, pogoing, shouting along with then possibly puking to. Their strength lies in the two minute catchy bullets of hooks that are their songs. These ragged little gems stick to you like unsniffed glue. Before you blink one's over and the next one has you by the skull, sinking into your brain like a snappy spike of punk extasy. The songs have variety while keeping the bands identity frimly intact.THE CHEATS debut record shows off the bands energy variety and down to earth punk spirit that is so hard to find these days. No frills, no bullshit, just chourses that spank you with a snotty sugar glazed baseball bat. Attitude and short addictive songs go a long way and leave you drooling for more like a pitbull on amphetamines. The band's live act just backs up what these guys are all about frontman Porter leads the circus with undeniable charisma while the band churns behind him relentlessly with insatiable punk nastiness. These ambassadors of punk creed plan on spreading this gospel of infectious fury to anyone willing to listen, and especially to those who don't know any better. They know what you need and they know you need this.It'sa breath of fresh air that happens to smell like stale beer,sweat and cigarettes, cheers!!!!

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