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The Class Assassins

The Class Assassins
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Current Label: Rebel Time Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Chad Nugent-vox
Chris Assassin-Guitar/ backing vox
Dave Grave-Bass/ backing vox
Gary Cozocar-Drums/ backing vox
Cactus-Guitar/ backing vox

The Class Assassins Bio:

Amidst the posturing and posing of a genre gone to a contrived hell, emerges a blistering choke of reality, The Class Assassins. Comprised of members from such legendary bands as Chronic Submission, Vacant Lot, Direct Action, The Problem Children and Hockey Teeth, The Class Assassins offer up chants of the working class brewing with the fervour of the streets. Lyrics equivalent to a bitch slap are echoed by the soulful and melodic force of Chad Nugent's vocals (Chronic Submission / Vacant Lot / Bitter Grin) and guitarist Chris Assassin's (Hockey Teeth) affective hammering. Traditional without being mundane, The Class Assassins will build you up, knock you down, and carry you to the bar with their signature brand of street rock-n-roll.


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    awesome .. cheers

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    Very nice cheers

  8. cheeseburger66
    cheeseburger667/2/2015 6:59 PM | Permalink

    I managed to pic this one up late in the game. In 2006 spring, I quit my shit job making good money at Princess booking cruises for anyone who wanted one. I got sick of commuting and just quit. One of the best days of my life! Along with the other two times I left good paying jobs because I just hated being there! Anyway, I was using my sister’s laptop in the late summer of 2006 to find a job and it came. I started working for a Bail Bonds company. I finally had money. Bought speakers for her laptop that I was using since she went off with a boyfriend, good guy, for a few months. I hooked up those speakers to my laptop using an external sound card and whalla!!!!!!!!!! POWER!!!! I blasted some of my new albums I bought and digitally downloaded, Weirdos, Wretched Ones, Los Olvidados, but most of all, Class Assassins State of Emergency. I wheeled all my equipment to my living room. Opened up all the windows. Blasted those records, but mostly the Class Assassins one because I was new to this band and it was 2006 so I thought they were a new band. However, they just hit the mark with power, and melody. I loved cranking the whole recording with the windows open while they were rehearsing a Quinceneda party next door. All these young Mexican Americans with either Mariachi music or rap shit. And here I am, right next door blasting all of the great tunes the Class Assassins offered on that record! I felt great. They could not compete with the power of rock and roll, YES!!!! I remember some of my neighbors looking at me every once in a while while I was outside and they looked at me like, ‘yeah, he is different’. I know it was because I was known for the crazy music I played, not the crap they played which they thought was the only music around. Anyway, when I hear that record it takes me back to ’06. I love it. By the way, by December of that year I was unemployed again! And happy again. My speakers, ….got blown up by other me cranking Class Assassins LOUD or Los Olvidados LOUD! I never returned them to Best Buy, just through them away. My neighbors left their house next door in January of ’07 and it was vacant for over 6 months. The computer that my sister bought in 2002, the one she gave me in 2005, the one I used to stream and download this kind of music in 2006 that I told you about, is the same computer(laptop) I am using right now, typing this(2015). Old, antiquated, unsupported, and still here I am listening to the Class Assassins first album while typing this, thinking about the past, all while this old dog 2002 laptop allows me to communicate with this site. Thanx for listening. Gotta go and listen to this record again.

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    Really nice music

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