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The Explosion

The Explosion
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Current Label: Tarantulas Records Websites: Official Website
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Matt Hock and Damian Genuardi met David Walsh through Rama Mayo, owner of indie label Big Wheel Recreation. They started the band in the fall of 1998, with Cave and Colby eventually joining later.

They pressed 250 copies of a demo before going on tour with Kid Dynamite. A roadie gave the demo to indie rock label Jade Tree Records, who signed the band and put out a self-titled EP containing all the demo tracks in 2000.

Their debut full-length, Flash Flash Flash on Jade Tree, was released to glowing reviews. Spin Magazine named it as one of the best 20 albums of 2000, and later named the band one of the top 10 punk acts of 2001. The Explosion also came in 2nd for Best Local Punk Act in the Boston Phoenix. They began touring the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Sick of it All, AFI (A Fire Inside), the Nerve Agents, Avail, Leatherface, US Bombs, Alkaline Trio, The Queers, Social Distortion, Tiger Army, and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. They were also featured on the 2001 and 2005 Warped Tour.

Unfortunately, they quickly faced a problem. Genaurdi's former straight edge hardcore band, In My Eyes, had been signed to Revelation Records. Revelation Records threatened to sue Genaurdi if he was credited on any of The Explosion's records, believing that The Explosion's success with Jade Tree should belong to them. The Explosion settled the dispute by writing an EP for Revelation, sarcastically titled Steal This.

In 2003, they released an EP called Sick of Modern Art on their own label, Tarantulas Records.

Seven major labels soon became involved in a bidding war over The Explosion. They were eventually signed to Virgin Records, who distributed Sick of Modern Art. Their album Black Tape was released on Virgin in the United States on October 5, 2004 and on March 15 in the UK.

The Explosion finished recording their second Virgin Records release in 2006, with intent to release on March 2007. However, this has been delayed indefinitely while the band searched for a new record label after being dropped by Virgin Records in February 2007. On March 2008 it has been announced that the record, titled Bury Me Standing, will be released on the new label Paper + Plastick. An official date has yet to be announced.

On April 30, 2007 The Explosion announced via MySpace blog that they have disbanded and politely thanked their fans for all of the memories.

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