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The Flatliners

The Flatliners
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: SCOTT BRIGHAM - guitar
CHRIS CRESSWELL - vocals+guitar

The Flatliners Bio:

Since the release of Destroy To Create (2005 Stomp Records), THE FLATLINERS have toured 9 Canadian provinces and 28 states, alongside such notable acts as: Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, The Suicide Machines, Death By Stereo, Big D & the Kids Table, None More Black, No Use For A Name, The Loved Ones, Catch 22, the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bigwig, etc., including dates on the 2006 and 2007 Vans Warped Tour… all before reaching the age of 20.

Two years after their debut album won over fans and music critics all over Canada and the US with its catchy melding of ska-punk anthems, they are back with a new sound, a new international label, and a very promising future. Hand picked by Fat Mike himself after hearing some demo recordings, THE FLATLINERS are the newest band to join the Fat Wreck Chords family.

The Great Awake is the long awaited sophomore release from the Toronto-based quartet. In keeping with what worked on their last record, the producer’s chair was filled again by Steve Rizun (Hostage Life, The Creepshow, Closet Monster) but this time around the recording process was not interrupted by the band members’ high-school careers. After locking themselves in their rehearsal space for 2 months, the band came out with over 20 new songs, 12 of which make up the new LP. The new material embraces the gritty punk rock sound that they have grown up listening to. The influences ring loud and clear as they unite many forms of underground rock into one package.

Through punk rock anthems, reggae jams, hints of hardcore and balls out rock n’ roll, this record showcases the band’s prowess in a variety of styles. The maturity of the sound and lyrics do not betray their age, while the catchy and powerful songs do not deny the needs of their ever-growing audience. With great new music, new alliances, and a relentless touring schedule, this audience can only grow, as THE FLATLINERS evolve into artists that stand-out among their peers on an international stage.


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