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The Hypnophonics

The Hypnophonics
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec Current Label: Stomp Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Angus: Vocals
David Don't: Guitar
Charly: Upright Bass
Starbuck: Drums

The Hypnophonics Bio:

Hard rockers the Hypnophonics were formed in Montreal in 2007 by schoolteacher/bass player Charly GoPsycho and guitarist David Don't, who'd played together in the band Wicked Lester. Influenced by rock n' roll outfits ranging from The Rolling Stones to Alice Cooper, the pair took the bad boy image of the former and the glam/horror style of the latter to create one of the biggest bands in the history of future popular music. Recruiting drummer Starbuck and singer Angus through newspaper and magazine ads, Charly and David have set out to do nothing less than conquer the known rock world.

Donning face make-up and suggestive black leather outfits, the quartet adopted stage names and personas (Charly as The Demon, David as The Star Child, Angus as The Space Man, and Starbuck as The Cat) and honed their raw, original rockers in local clubs and bars. By the end of 2008, they released their self titled EP which immidiatly caught the attention of someone, somewhere, blah, blah, blah....

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