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The Lillingtons

The Lillingtons
Hometown: Newcastle, WY Current Label: Red Scare Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Kody
Timmy V

The Lillingtons Bio:

The original lineup consisting of Kody Templeman, Zack Rawhauser, Cory Laurence, and Tim (Timmy V) O'Hara as a four-piece only recorded the first 7","I Lost My Marbles", produced by Joe King of The Queers for his More Bounce to the Ounce compilation CD. The band continued as a three-piece after Zack quit.

Their first full-length album, titled Shit Out of Luck, was released on Clearview Records in 1996. Following the release of their first album the band changed their lyrical focus. In 1999 they went into the studio: the result was Death By Television, an album that took sci-fi movie-themed songs and combined them with tracks that made references to other retro themes.

The band spent the next two years touring heavily within the punk scene and disbanded after their final Panic Button/Lookout! release, the spy-themed LP The Backchannel Broadcast.

Red Scare Industries reissued Death By Television (remastered) and Backchannel Broadcast in 2005. The band split for a few years before reuniting with all original members to release a new album, The Too Late Show in 2006 with no plans on reuniting for a tour to support due to the members' other commitments.

The band reformed in 2013 to play Riot Fest.


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  5. amyoleo
    amyoleo5/6/2014 12:18 PM | Permalink

    First show in a decade!

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  9. tomaswheeler7
    tomaswheeler79/2/2016 3:38 AM | Permalink


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  11. cesarlong3/21/2017 3:40 AM | Permalink

    Soo Nice.

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