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The Octopussys

The Octopussys
Hometown: Eppegem, Belgium Current Label: Funtime Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Thibaut Hox: Vocals
Kevin Brondel: Guitar
Jan Van Gulck: Guitar
Mark Bolsens: Bass
Nick Boonen: Drums

The Octopussys Bio:

The Octopussy’s is a punkrock band from Flemish-Brabant, Belgium. Their mission is to entertain their audience as well as themselves with punkrock and humour. They have played over a 100 shows up till now and shared the stage with bands like: Rentokill (AT), High Five Drive (CA), Mute (CA), The Undeclinables (NL), I Against I (NL), Wisecräcker (D), Smash The Statues (NL), Straightaway (FR), Straighten Things Out (FR), Mighty Midgets (DK), The Living Daylights (UK), Tribute To Nothing (UK), 5 Days Off, Homer, Second Base, ...

2005: With their first guitars and amps Nick, Kevin, Mark en Koen decided to cover some songs of their favorite bands. The tunes of Blink 182, Green Day, Boxcar Racer,… held no more secrets after a while so they decided to start writing some song of theit own.

2006: At the start of this year The Octopussy’s got their first chance to perform at a local youth centre with some other new founded bands. This first gig only ensured their desire to be on stage so they decided to go for it. But there was a need for a second guitarist and Jan was the choice.

2007: This was the year which brought significant changes for the band. The band went on their first tour with their good friend of Overweight around Belgium. Later that year it was decided to go on without their singer, Koen. In between, the band tried to play their planned shows anyway with interim singer Joshua. During this period they played their 50th show within 2 years, which was also their first international show. But the band realized that they couldn’t go on without a new singer and after a few auditions they chose Thibaut.

2008: The year begins with a new singer. The Octopussy’s release their first D.I.Y demo cd (Hitbox vol. 1). An improve in stage performance and more effort put in their music encouraged them to go on their first international tour with the punkrock band Second Base to The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

2009: The band hits the studios for a couple of days in springtime to record a split-cd with the Belgian skate punk band State Of Mine on Kickass Records and thereby joined the Kickass-family… To be continued!

A few words from the band: “We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout the years, so we are able to continue to live our dream: making music and having fun on stage. We like to thank everyone who ever booked us for a show, went to watch our shows, sang along, wished us good luck, bought merch,… Don’t hesitate to book us sometimes or leave a comment.”


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