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The Queers

The Queers
Hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Current Label: Asian Man Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joe Queer-guitar,lead vocals
Dangerous Dave-bass,vocals

The Queers Bio:

The Queers are an American pop punk band formed in 1982 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (A.K.A. Joe Queer). Supposedly, the name 'Queers' was used simply to poke fun at what he called the "Art Fag" community in New Hampshire. The band originally broke up in 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1990. That year, the band signed with Shakin' Street Records and released their first album Grow Up. The album earned the band notoriety within New England, but with the release of their next album 1993's Love Songs for the Retarded, on Lookout! Records, their following grew to larger proportions.

In 2006, after releasing six albums on Lookout!, the band rescinded their master rights from the label, citing breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Later that year they signed with Asian Man Records.

The Queers play a Ramones-derived style of pop punk, commonly and appropriately referred to as "Ramones-core". Much like the Ramones, common lyrical themes are girls, drugs, alcohol and having fun. Musically the band deviates slightly from the driving rhythm guitar sound of the Ramones and augments their songs with harmony vocals, handclaps, keyboards and guitar solos. They have been described as "The Ramones meets The Beach Boys". Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel frequently collaborates with Joe Queer to write their songs. The band are well known for the variety of cover versions they include on their records and in live appearances. Bands/artists covered by The Queers include The Beach Boys, The Ramones (including a complete re-recording of the Rocket to Russia album), The Mr T Experience, Skeeter Davis, The Fantastic Baggys, The Who, The Undertones, The Hobos, Tommy James and The Shondells, Helen Love and many more.


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  3. spixsixtysix
    spixsixtysix2/26/2015 11:20 PM | Permalink

    Tomorrow night 2.27.15 The Queers!

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    Thumbs up for the work

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    very nice.

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