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The Rebel Spell

The Rebel Spell
Hometown: East Vancouver, British Columbia Current Label: Rebel Time Records Websites: Official Website
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If you are one of those people who are interested in us, please consider us flattered. It seems in the past that we have never really been into promoting our band with exaggerated stories, snazzy photos or press kits. That was till we finally burned out on showing up to gigs with no one knowing who we are. We want the rose pedals, red carpets and import beers bought for us, thanks.


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    Great one post

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    Good job

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    Just Amazing

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    i love this

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    Great song.

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    its nice one

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    Awesome keep it up .. great work

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    love your song

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    Awesome music …..

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    mind blowing

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    I really like it

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    You’re Tops!

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    Nice One!

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    You should be proud of yourself.

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