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Thirty 3 Threes

Thirty 3 Threes
Hometown: South Orange County, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Wally Warlock: EMCEE
Cheeto Frye: BASS
Tony Two-guns: DRUMS

Thirty 3 Threes Bio:

The Thirty 3 Threes (333) is a band put into place by random acts of God. With an experimental style-blend of Acoustic, Hip-Hop, and Reggae; Thirty 3 Threes is sure to either drive you insane or have you reach one step closer to the seemingly never-ending chase that is enlightenment. The signs are everywhere and continue to show themselves at points of validation. Slowly, it grows and manifests into what it must become: a revolution.

This new and revolutionary band is composed of incredibly talented artists: Wally Warlock, Eddie Elvis, Cheeto Frye, Verdict, Tommy Silver-son – all coming out of Southern California. Thirty 3 Threes delivers a unique and brand new take on the music game, and is unlike anything that’s been done before.

Their music not only moves your body on the dance floor, but also challenges your mind through stories of both inspiration, and devastation. With every song, their goal is to entertain the people in a way that is profound, and meaningful to each listener. It is more than just part of a conscious rap genre, Thirty 3 Threes is pure consciousness itself delivered in musical form. The music will speak to you like the sages of ancient, full of universal wisdom that will shake and redefine your understanding of reality and what it means to be human. As you listen, prepare yourself for a metaphysical, mind-bending world brought to your earlobes for a brain injection of harmony, spirit, and rhythm.

Thirty 3 Threes plays universally upbeat music that people of like minds can vibe with and enjoy. Realizing that music is a platform to exert their energy, Thirty 3 Threes gives the audience its heart and soul, and the youthful energy of their live performances keep the party jumping until the last words are spit. At their shows, fans say that you will feel an urge to do the moonwalk, ride a unicycle, climb a mountain, and hug your momma at the same time.

Like enormous trees in the rainforests, the strength of talented artists come from their roots. Their name symbolizes the mystical nature of their music, the place where music meets numerology, and a number that has been mysterious and inspiring for The group that is the Thirty 3 Threes. With destiny as their motivation, the Thirty 3 Threes are working very hard with much passion and love for their music, and they are about to take the music industry to a whole new level

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