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Time Again

Time Again
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Hellcat Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vocals: Daniel Dart
Guitar: Kris Idol
Bass: Oren Soffer
Drums: Jake "Belush" Margolis

Time Again Bio:

Since forming in 2004, Time Again have taken their distinctive brand of adrenaline-fueled street punk from the club scene of their hometown Los Angeles to sold-out venues all over the US and Canada as well as across the pond to the festival stages of Europe and England. Supporting such acts as Social Distortion, Rancid, Tiger Army and The Casualties, just to name a few. A far cry from their humble beginnings when they were hustling their self titled EP's on the streets to raise money for tour.

Time Again doesn't just build upon their already established sound with their second full-length album "Darker Days". They push the boundaries and deliver an album filled with emotional suspense and angst driven intensity; triumphantly emerging as a tighter, more focused band.

Time Again who consists of vocalist Daniel Dart, guitarist Elijah Reyes, bassist Oren Soffer, and drummer Ryan Purucker spent nearly all of 2006 and 2007 touring in support of their debut full length "The Stories Are True". The album received outstanding critical acclaim, as well as earning (XM Radio) "Punk Song of The Year" award for the song "Cold Concrete" which beat out NOFX and The Casualties to win the award.

Because of Time Again's non-stop touring schedule, the majority of Darker Days was written in back-stages, hotel rooms, and often times right in their tour van. Coming straight off the road, and into the studio, they enlisted long time friend Mike Green to produce the record. "He's just so talented, and easy to work with"- Dart says, "all of the songs felt so right and came so naturally." This was further confirmed by the recording sessions. They completed "Darker Days" (the recording/mixing and mastering process) in only 6 days. While the sound is more sonically impressive all around, the raw energy and grit of Time Again's live performances is cleverly captured on the recordings.

The album's opener "Day Like This" begins with Daniel Dart proclaiming "This is my world! This is my life!"- A statement that lets the listener know the band hasn't strayed from the deeply personal topics that made their debut album so meaningful and inspiring. The song then explodes into a barrage of punk rock mayhem that could very well serve as the soundtrack to a street brawl! But the song's main feature is in an out-of-nowhere chorus that is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The song perfectly showcases the bands new arsenal as well as foreshadowing what is to come.

The second track "Soon It Will Be" serves up a roaring shout along hook, along with a soaring guitar riff complemented by the drumming of Purucker sounding faster and fiercer than ever. "One Way Or Another" combines Soffer's blistering bass lines at the forefront, with Dart's signature rasp at full-fledged speed, all building up to possibly the most haunting and subtly addictive melody on the album.

The album then transitions into the fist shaking, tactfully political anthem "The Lines Are Faded". The lyrics are compelling and ambitious, but never preachy. Dart sings- "The lines that are drawn between right and wrong/ once there was something, now they are gone."- Delivering it with a headshake rather than a finger point. Much of the songs charm also comes from Reyes' simple yet perfectly plotted guitar lines propelling the song forward.

The album's title track "Darker Days" is a tension building, anxiety filled roller-coaster that is more than worthy of being the album's cornerstone track. The climax lies in the song's bridge, where Dart's words of despair and regret are self-argued into defiance, hope, and inspiration.

As with all the material, each song is short and precise. Though they are fully envisioned tracks, they never overstay their welcome. "Lucky" is the story about an unlikely mentor, with the song sounding equal parts the Clash, as it does Johnny Cash. The stage-trashing "Montreal (street kids)", recounts a night with a group of out-of-control punks in of all places, Montreal Canada. The delightfully sentimental "Lookin Back" and "Movin' on" are both about troubled relationships at home due to life on the road.

One of the album's biggest revelations can be found between the record's rawest and most brutal tracks, "Goin Down" and "Shell Casings". "TV Static" is a two minute punk gem about youthful exasperation that dances around hints of Motown.

The album's closer, the destined to be timeless "Outcast", further showcases Time Again's versatility and song writing talent. The tone is both thought provoking and heartwarming. The lyrics "Would you fall through the cracks? Lie flat on your back? Or be true to yourself and live life as an Outcast?"- Come off, not as a question, but a heartfelt plea. It's the song's message and conviction that will ultimately make it a classic.

While most bands fear and fall victim to the "2nd album slump", Time Again steps up to the plate, swings for the fences, and hits it out of the park with their sophomore album.


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    Well, the song is called Alive haha.. Let us take a soencd to disect the video The video starts with car getting t-boned, but then you get some flashbacks of all these emtion filled moments (you know, moments that make you feel alive ), and then it goes back to his car getting rocked by the bus again and he gets up and walks away. Then it’s like he has a new lease on life, and is thankful to be alive.That’s what I get from it.

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