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Unit 91

Unit 91
Hometown: LongBeach CA, Chicago IL& Rochester NY Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Jevin Kaye - drums
Rod Rohde - bass/vocals
Josh Segal - vocals/guitar

Unit 91 Bio:

Often politicized and full of vibrant energy, the music of Unit91 has been piercing eardrums ever since the turn of the century. Over the last six years, members have come and gone, carried away by the winds of change. In 2004, Unit91 took up residence in Streamwood, IL, where drummer Jevin Kaye (formerly of Much the Same) went to lay his head down at night. Joined by his counterparts Jared Rohde and Andy Lareau (of current Counterpunch fame), Jevin and the gang kept the Unit91 tradition alive, unabashed by their anonymity and unrecognized talent. With the demise of Chicago's Much the Same and Break the Silence, Kaye and Josh Segal (out of focus bassist from Break the Silence, circa '05-'06) joined forces once again with Segal returning to the band to reclaim his original role in Unit as singer and mediocre guitar player. As it stands, the new, evolved power trio ventures into uncharted territory, crafting 3-chord song progressions from which the likes have never been seen. Come One, Come All.

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