Band Profile


Hometown: Washington, DC Current Label: Dischord Records
Band Members: Alec MacKaye - vocals
Eddie Janney - guitar
Bert Queiroz - bass
Rich Moore - drums

Untouchables Bio:

The Untouchables were one of the bands that laid the groundwork for the legendary DC hardcore punk scene of the early eighties / late seventies. The band existed from October 1979 until January 1981.
The Untouchables spawned a wide range of DC musical talents. Alec MacKaye, younger brother of Minor Threat/Fugazi member and Dischord Records founder Ian MacKaye,[1] went on to sing with The Faith, Ignition and The Warmers.[2] Janney went on to play with The Faith, Rites of Spring, One Last Wish, Skewbald and Happy Go Licky. Bert Queiroz later played in DC Youth Brigade, Double-O, Second Wind, Meatmen, Rain [3] and Manifesto.[4] Richard Moore also played in the Meatmen, Double-O and Second Wind. Together Richard Moore and Bert Queiroz started their own independent record label: R&B Records.
The Untouchables only released a demo tape which later appeared on Dischord Records' Flex Your Head compilation and 20 Years of Dischord. Their most famous song was "Nic Fit", which would be covered by Sonic Youth on their 1992 album Dirty. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the film American Hardcore (film).

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